Ben Franklin

Massachusetts State Inventor


Benjamin Franklin National Memorial

Benjamin Franklin National Memorial (public domain image on Wikipedia).

Official State Inventor of Massachusetts

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was designated the official inventor of Massachusetts in 2006. All State Awards - All Historic & Iconic People

Recognized as one of our Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin was also a scientist (and inventor), an author, printer, Freemason, postmaster, civic activist, political theorist, politician, statesman, diplomat, and humorist.

Several other individuals are recognized as official symbols of Massachusetts: Norman Rockwell (state artist), Dr. Seuss (state children's author), Deborah Samson Gannett (state heroine), Johnny Appleseed (state folk hero), and Taj Mahal (state Blues artist).



Ben Franklin on U.S. $100 bill.

Ben Franklin on U.S. $100 bill


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