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Morel Mushroom

Minnesota State Mushroom

Morel mushroom photo by Thomas & Dianne Jones on Flickr (use permitted with attribution). 

Official State Mushroom of Minnesota

Minnesota designated the morel mushroom (morchella esculenta) as the official state mushroom in 1984. Oregon is the only other state that recognizes a state mushroom (Pacific golden chanterelle). All State Foods

Morel Mushroom Facts

Morels are cone-shaped with pitted, spongy heads. These delicious mushrooms are considered a rare delicacy by mushroom hunters. Morel mushrooms are creamy tan or shades of brown and gray (they darken as they age) and are found more commonly in southeastern Minnesota than in other parts of the state.

Morel mushrooms grow from the soil through the leaf mat (usually in the spring in fields and forests) and grow two to six inches high.