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Pacific Golden Chanterelle Mushroom

Oregon State Mushroom

Cantharellus formosus - the Pacific golden chanterelle: photo © Kuo, M. (2006, February), retrieved from (all rights reserved; used by permission).

Official State Mushroom of Oregon

The Pacific golden chanterelle (Cantharellus formosus) was designated the official mushroom of the state of Oregon in 1999. Unique to the Pacific northwest, this wild, edible fungi has high culinary value. More than 500,000 pounds of Pacific golden chanterelles are harvested annually in Oregon. Minnesota is the only other state that recognizes a state mushroom (morel mushroom). All State Foods & Beverages

The Pacific golden chanterelle is recognized as a separate species from the golden chanterelle mushroom. It forms a mycorrhizal (symbiotic) association with conifer forests of the Pacific Northwest - specifically western hemlock, Douglas-fir and Sitka spruce (and live oaks in California).

The Pacific golden chanterelle's physical appearance is distinguished from other chanterelle mushrooms by a long, graceful stem tapering to the base, tiny dark scales on the cap surface, pinkish orange-yellow cap colors, and a pinkish hue in the false gills. However, the scales and pinkish colors are sometimes absent in wet conditions (frequent in Oregon).