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Flag of Mississippi

Mississippi State Flag

Official State Flag of Mississippi

The flag of Mississippi features a white magnolia blossom encircled by 20 white stars, one gold star, and the words "In God We Trust". It also features stripes of red, gold, and blue. This flag was chosen by the Commission to Redesign the Mississippi State Flag and was approved by state referendum on November 3, 2020. It was then passed by the state legislature on January 6, 2021 and signed into law by the governor on January 11, 2021 making it the official state flag of the U.S. state of Mississippi.

It replaces the previous flag that displayed the Confederate battle insignia in the upper left and had three horizontal bars of blue, white, and red (the same shades as the national colors of the United States).  The stars represented the original 13 colonies. This flag was retired on June 30, 2020.