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Nokota Horse

North Dakota State Honorary Equine

Nokota horse stallion epitomizing the conformation and characteristics of North Dakota's Honorary Equine; photo by Shelly Hauge, provided courtesy of the Nokota Horse Conservancy (all rights reserved; used by permission).

Official State Honorary Equine of North Dakota

North Dakota designated the Nokota horse as the state honorary equine in 1993. Today’s Nokota horses are the descendants of generations of wild horses that lived in the rugged Little Missouri badlands in western North Dakota. All State Horses

Many other states have adopted equine symbols; Vermont and Massachusetts: Morgan horse; Alabama: racking horse; Idaho: Appaloosa horse; Kentucky and Maryland: thoroughbred horse; Tennessee: Tennessee walking horse; Missouri: Missouri fox trotting horse, North Carolina: Colonial Spanish mustang; Florida: Florida cracker horse; New Jersey: the horse; South Carolina heritage horse: marsh tacky;  South Carolina state heritage work animal: mule; Texas: American Quarter horse; and Missouri: Missouri mule. Horse symbols have been proposed by Oregon (Kiger mustang), and Arizona (colonial Spanish horse), but have not yet been adopted.