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Coat of Arms

Vermont State Coat of Arms

Vermont coat of arms Vermont State House, Montpelier, Vermont. Photo by Marc Tomik / Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution/share alike).

Official State Coat of Arms of Vermont

Vermont's coat of arms is featured on the state flag, and includes the state motto: "Freedom and Unity." Vermont's state seal also features elements from the center design of the coat of arms. All Coats of Arms

Vermont Statute

Title 01 : General Provisions
Chapter 011 : Flag, Insignia, Seal, Etc.
(Cite as: 1 V.S.A. § 491)
§ 491. Coat of Arms; Crest; Motto and Badge

The Coat of Arms, Crest, Motto and Badge of the State shall be and are described as follows:

(1) Coat of Arms. Green, a landscape occupying half of the shield; on the right and left, in the background, high mountains, blue; the sky, yellow. From near the base and reaching nearly to the top of the shield, arises a pine tree of the natural color and between three erect sheaves, yellow, placed diagonally on the right side and a red cow standing on the left side of the field.

(2) Motto and Badge. On a scroll beneath the shield, the motto: Vermont; Freedom and Unity. The Vermonter's badge: two pine branches of natural color, crossed between the shield and scroll.

(3) Crest. A buck's head, of natural color, placed on a scroll, blue and yellow.