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Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle

Alabama State Reptile

Alabama red-bellied turtle (Pseudemys alabamensis); public domain USFWS image on Wikipedia.

Official State Reptile of Alabama

The Alabama red-bellied turtle, or "red belly" (Pseudemys alabamensis) was named the official state reptile of Alabama in 1990. Placed on the USFWS Endangered Species List in 1987, Alabama red-bellied turtles live in the fresh and brackish water of the Mobile Delta of Alabama and Mississippi, feeding almost entirely on aquatic plants. The life expectancy for this large turtle is about 50 years in the wild.  All state reptiles

The carapace is elongated (10 - 13 inch carapace length), highly arched, and elevated along the midline, colored brown to olive with yellow, orange, or reddish streaks and mottling. The skin of the Alabama red-bellied turtle is olive to black with yellow to light orange stripes. The bottom of the shell is usually cream, yellow, red, or orange with dark markings.

Alabama also recognizes an amphibian symbol, the Red Hills salamander - also endangered.