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These Green Mountains

Vermont State Song

Green Mountains in Vermont (Mount Hunger); photo © Joe Forjette on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attributuion / share alike).

Official State Song of Vermont

by Diane Martin & Rita Buglass Gluckstate

In 2000, Vermont adopted These Green Mountains as the official state song (composed by Diane Martin and arranged by Rita Buglass Gluckstate), replacing the original state song: "Hail to Vermont!" by Josephine Hovey Perry (adopted in 1938). All State Songs

Green mountains are a prominent theme in Vermont's symbols: the state nickname is "Green Mountain State;" mountains are featured on the state flag and represented on the state seal; and the state's name originates from the french "Verd Mont" (green mountain).

These green hills and silver waters
are my home. They belong to me.
And to all of her sons and daughters
May they be strong and forever free.
Let us live to protect her beauty
And look with pride on the golden dome.
They say home is where the heart is
These green mountains are my home.
These green mountains are my home.