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Flag of West Virginia

West Virginia State Flag

West Virginia state flag waving proudly against a blue sky. Photo by Angela / Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution/no derivative works).

Official State Flag of West Virginia

The West Virginia flag features the state motto "Montani Semper Liberi" (Latin for "Mountaineers Are Always Free"), a wreath of Rhododendron (the state flower), and the state coat-of-arms (also on the state seal). All State Flags

The official description for the state flag of West Virginia: "The proportions of the flag of the State of West Virginia shall be the same as those of the United States ensign; the field shall be pure white, upon the center of which shall be emblazoned in proper colors, the coat-of arms of the State of West Virginia upon which appears the date of the admission of the State into the Union, also with the motto, 'Montani Semper Liberi' (Mountaineers Are Always Free). Above the coat-of-arms of the State of West Virginia there shall be a ribbon lettered, 'State of West Virginia,' and arranged appropriately around the lower part of the coat-of-arms of the State of West Virginia a wreath of Rhododendron maximum in proper colors. The field of pure white shall be bordered by a strip of blue on four sides. The flag of the State of West Virginia when used for parade purposes shall be trimmed with gold colored fringe on three sides and when used on ceremonial occasions with the United States ensign, shall be trimmed and mounted in similar fashion to the United States flag as regards fringe, cord, tassels, and mounting."