Seal of West Virginia

West Virginia State Seal

Seal of West Virginia

Adopted in 1863, the West Virginia state seal features a large boulder inscribed with "June 20, 1863" (the year West Virginia became a state). Two crossed rifles and a Liberty cap in front of the boulder represent the importance of fighting for liberty. The farmer on the left with ax, plow and cornstalk is a symbol of agriculture. On the right stands a miner with pickax, anvil, and sledge hammer (a symbol of industry).

In the outer ring, the text "State of West Virginia" sits above the state motto: "Montani Semper Liberi" (Latin for Mountaineers are Always Free). West Virginia is also nicknamed The Mountain State.

There is also a reverse of the West Virginia great seal, used as the official seal of the Governor.

West Virginia


1894 image of the West Virginia seal; photo by Internet Archive Book Images on Fliickr (no known copyright restrictions).

1894 image of West Virginia's seal

Reverse side of West Virgina's great seal (used as the Governor's seal).