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Maine's Coat of Arms

Maine State Coat of Arms

Maine coat of arms in stained glass at the Maine State Museum; photo by Marc Tomik on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

Maine's Official Coat of Arms

Maine's coat of arms appears on the state flag and the state seal of Maine. All Coats of Arms

Symbols on Maine's Coat of Arms

The North star (Polaris) shines above Maine's motto: "Dirigo" ("I Lead," or "I Direct"). Polaris is not merely a symbol of guidance - travelers have depended on it for many centuries to find their way (it always marks due north

The center shield features symbols representing the natural richness of Maine; a pine tree (white pine is the official state tree, and Maine's nickname is "The Pine Tree State"), a moose (the official state animal), the sea and the sky.

The farmer (resting on a scythe) is a symbol of pride in Maine's agricultural roots. The sailor (resting on an anchor) represents Maine's strong ties to the sea. A banner below displays the state name; "MAINE" (in capital letters).