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Arts and Artists

Tennessee State Art Forms & Artists

Blue Ridge hand-painted porcelain vase; photo © Eileen C / Crochet Attic on Flickr (all rights reserved (used by permission).

Official State Art Forms & Artists of Tennessee

STATE FINE ART: Porcelain painting was designated the official state fine art of Tennessee in 1981.

STATE ART FORM: Songwriting was designated as one of Tennessee's official art forms in 2003, applauding individuals who are or have been skillful masters of this art form. Tennessee's state songs

STATE POET LAUREATES & POETRY: Tennessee designates poet laureates (including a cowboy poet laureate), an ambassador of letters, an official state poem and bicentennial poem.

STATE THEATERS: Tennessee recognized Tennessee Theatre (in 1999) and Oak Ridge Playhouse (in 2017)  as official symbols of Tennessee to honor the dramatic arts.


1991 - Burton Callicott was designated Tennessee's official state artist  recognizing his many contributions to the art community in Memphis and the state of Tennessee.

1997 - "Tennessee Treasures" (a painting by Tennessee artist Michael Sloan) was adopted as the state painting of Tennessee.

2000 - H.R. Lovell was designated Tennessee's artist-in-residence for expressing the spirit and assets of Tennessee through his works.