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Tennessee Treasures

Tennessee State Paintings

"Tennessee Treasures" painting; image from Tennessee Symbols & Honors: TN Blue Book (fair use: educational, nonprofit).

Official State Paintings of Tennessee

"Tennessee Treasures" and "Tennessee Treasures Too" by Tennessee artist Michael Sloan were designated the official state paintings in 1997 and 2007, respectively.

Tennessee Treasures

"Tennessee Treasures" features the ten most recognized symbols of Tennessee:

mockingbird (state bird);
passion flower (state wildflower):
tulip poplar (state tree):
Tennessee river pearl (state gem);
lady bug (state insect);
zebra swallowtail (state butterfly);
largemouth bass (the original state fish, replaced by smallmouth bass in 2005); and
limestone (state rock).

The bottom of the painting displays the state flag, a gold-embossed state seal, an outline of the state,  and the signature of Tennessee’s first governor (John Sevier).

Tennessee Treasures Too

"Tennessee Treasures Too" was a follow-up work and also contains the tulip poplar, passion flower, and iris, but several additional symbols of Tennessee are shown; the yellowwood tree, honeybee, firefly, bobwhite quail, agate, box turtle, and channel catfish.

* "Tennessee Treasures" images are published here under fair use principle (nonprofit, educational website with no alternate way to illustrate topic).