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Official Songs

New Hampshire State Songs

Bay near Rye, New Hampshire; photo by Tim Bouwer (bowtoo) on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).

Official Songs

New Hampshire has ten state songs (more than any other state); one is the "official" state song, and the others are "honorary" state songs:

(1) 1949: Old New Hampshire by Dr. John F. Holmes and music by Maurice Hoffmann (the official  (state song; all others are "honorary" state songs).

(2) 1963: New Hampshire, My New Hampshire by Julius Richelson and Walter P. Smith

(3) 1973: New Hampshire Hills by Paul Scott Maurer and Tom Powers

(4) 1977: Autumn in New Hampshire by Leo Austin

(5) 1977: New Hampshire's Granite State by Anne B. Currier

(6) 1977: Oh, New Hampshire (you're my home) by Brownie McIntosh

(7) 1977: The Old Man of the Mountain by Paul Belanger

(8) 1977: The New Hampshire State March by Rene Richards

(9) 1983: New Hampshire Naturally by Rick Shaw and Ron Shaw

(10) 2007: Live Free or Die by Barry Palmer